Advanced Search
Maintain your customer's confidence!

With our Advanced Search tool, all of these are possible. This tool works by installing an RTML template that exports all of your stores data to a web page that we can import into a database. Then our search tool queries that database, allowing for just about any type of search features you want. You also get reports that tell you

Your shoppers need to locate products quickly and easily. Good search is of the utmost importance to your success. All too often search functionality falls short of providing relevant matches to customers.

Our Advance Search Features makes it easier for your customers to find the products they are looking for by employing a variety of strategies ranging from merchandising to nebulous matching to analysis of customer search and purchase behavior. An enhanced user experience, satisfaction for the shopper and, in turn, increased sales for the retailer.


Control product ranking within search results on an automated and scheduled basis. With merchandising you can:

  • Display promotional banners
  • Create custom landing pages
  • Promote select products to top of results
  • Determine how many items to display per page
  • Determine exactly what fields to display
  • Include Add to Cart buttons
  • Sort by price or other criteria
  •  Hide some content from search results

    Price :$149.00

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