You Save (% or Price Difference)
Maintain your customer's confidence!

You know you have excellent prices on your items. Help your customers recognize the great deal they're getting. The show savings enhancement does just that!

This template will print a short 'blurb' after the @sale-price of your item showing the percentage savings or dollar savings. being offered. The percentage is calculated from the standard @price and @sale-price values, and is presented as a whole number followed by a '%'. You control the label that prints before the number.

You can also show the "dollar amount" saved instead of the percentage. Generally percentages are displayed for relatively low-priced items and dollars saved are shown for relatively high-priced items.

The "You save" label is controlled by a variable, and removing the label allows you to deactivate the savings 'blurb' altogether.
By displaying the difference between the sale and retail price you are displaying how much your customers will save by ordering from you instead of paying retail. You can also feature comparative prices on the homepage to attract more attention to your most profitable items. And if you display an order button next to your comparative prices, you increase your chances for an instant sale.

Give your customers a better idea of how much you are cutting their costs. Y-develooper allows you to display the regular price, the sale price, and the amount that they save all at once. Value is what your customers want, so satisfy them by clearly displaying it!

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