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PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. Meaning that you generally pay per click for sponsored website listings, and the search engines promise they’ll run your brief text ad and hotlink near the organic listings for the precise word or phrase you choose. PPC services allow you to also control the hotlink URL, the copy and sometimes the rank (depending on engine). These listings are visually marked as being paid for by the advertiser.

You can launch a paid campaign in a matter of hours. Unlike SEO services, it's remarkably easy for the novice to get a campaign up and running - although tracking and analysis is the most important activity when running a successful PPC campaign. You do not want to waste and throw away your money on unconverting keywords or ads. offers individual PPC assistance and setup/maintenance services to assist your in your pay-per-click campaign.

Pay-Per-Click Services

What is the easiest way to see how you can rank well for your keywords? Look at your competitors, of course. Optimizing a website can be a challenging task, but make sure you take a good look at what your competitors are doing online, in order to stay on top of your SEO efforts for your industry through online marketing.

Strategy to finding your top competition and discovering what kind of page titles they use, META descriptions phrasing and keywords and other external factors is critical. External SEO factors generally refer to the internal links, often called backlinks, to your, and your competitor's, website.

    Keyword Research

    PPC Keyword Research is the most important step in building a successful online marketing campaign. Because you choose the search engine keywords, you only attract relevant visitors to your site - they are looking for what you are offering. However, bidding on irrelevant keywords will drive up your cost and push your ROI down.

    PPC Setup

    Setting up a pay-per-click campaign can be very detailed for any business owner. We offer pay-per-click campaign setup services which includes keyword setup, bid price testing and setup, campaign advertisement testing, day parting, geography targeting setup and local business advertisements.

    PPC Management

    Once your ads are active, we will monitor your performance and manually adjust the bid levels for each individual keyword for better results. We will also be revising your ad copy for better click-thru rates which will help you get more relevant and potential leads at lower prices.

Advantages of PPC Campaign

An important advantage is that you only pay for actual click through’s to your site - not impressions or searches. In other words, you only pay if someone clicks on your web site advertisement and lands on your site. If someone only sees your link, but does not click through, this is called an impression. You do not pay for impressions.

The three most common places to advertise are Google, Yahoo and MSN. Combined, they all include the vast majority of searches done on the web, while Google being the dominant search engine currently. has arranged multiple services to suit your personal needs to get you started bringing traffic to your web site.

  1. Higher ROI through effective keyword selection, copywriting and campaign execution
  2. Advanced tracking and monitoring capabilities using our technologies.
  3. Higher than average CTR with creative campaign creation
  4. Daily monitoring of ad performance and bid levels.
  5. Lower cost per click ratio.
  6. Relevant traffic and quality leads.
  7. Track conversion statistics and ROI.

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