Yahoo Store Image Rotater
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An image rotator is one great way to display portfolio pieces and your Client Testimonials, Product Item, ecommerce product images, or even as an image gallery. Although there are many great plug-in already, this tutorial will help you understand how the image rotator works and helps you create your own from scratch. You will be able to display more products in the same space, ensuring that there is something for everyone on your home page. The y-developer Image Rotator is is user Friendly friendly. You can change each and every image slide and you’re Testimonial your own way

Allows you to upload any number of images with their associated destination URLs and it rotates the images at a configurable gap. Random rotation, image change upon page refresh, advance controls, etc. available.

The Image Rotator is able to display 400% more products in the space above the fold than any single image could. By showing off more products, you will without doubt attract the attention of more buyers.

Banners are "clickable" to a specific page and altering out your images and/or destination URL is a snap.
You can specify how long each banner will be displayed before moving to the next ad.
The Banner Rotator uses javascript and is designed to be seo friendly accepting either images or HTML.
The Sequential Banner Rotator for Yahoo stores will also accept Flash (swf) files and is loaded with features to draw attention to your best products or sections.

Questions & Answers about Yahoo Store Image Slideshow

Can we customize the slideshow images and dimensions?
Yes, you upload the images into custom image properties and it's up to you how you make those images. The slide show only needs to know the maximum possible width (for example the space atop your home page), then it will automatically pad and resize the images so that they come out to be the same size. For best results, though, it's advisable to create the slide show images to be comparable in size.

Can we enable/disable it at-will?
Yes. If you remove the slideshow images, the entire slideshow disappears of course.

Will it interfere with the SEO features of the site?
o. This feature has no SEO ramifications (pro or con) since it is JavaScript-based.

How much is the Image Rotator?
$150 if you supply the graphics, $250 if we need to design the graphics for you. We will supply the dimensions to you if you would like to design the graphics yourself.

Can I update the Rotator myself?
Yes, if you are comfortable with HTML, graphics, and some light JavaScript. Otherwise, Ventura Web Design can change out your graphics for $25, saving you time and hassle.

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