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Gooagle Analytics on your Yahoo! Store

We will install the Google Analytics tracking Code into your Yahoo store. This tracking script enables you to track your visitors from their keyword searches all the way to the sale.
Google Analytics tracking Code full-featured web site analytics tool designed to track everything about how people use your web site.

The nice thing about it is that it's free; the problem is that since it was introduced by Google, interest in it was so high that now they can only accept sign-ups on a waiting list.

The basic Google Analytics tracking code is easy to install on a Yahoo! Store and you will get very useful web traffic data to pore over. On the other hand, the key information is regrettably missing: tracking converting keywords - whether they come from free organic search results pages or from PPC ads.

Owing to the structural design of the Yahoo! Store shopping cart own self and the truth that the cart and checkout pages are on a Yahoo! domain ( instead of the merchant's domain make capturing converting keywords extremely complex.

Keep momentous figures from your Yahoo store and use them to better optimize your pages for search engines and conversion tracking.

  • Fast installation for immediate tracking.
  • Compatible with all Yahoo! editor versions.
  • Fully-functioning analytic script. No data breaks.
  • Order now to unlock access to valuable tracking data!


  • Requires php hosting (Your Yahoo! Merchant Solutions Account automatically includes this).
  • Your cart page should not be a secure page (in Yahoo stores the cart page doesn't need to be secure unless you have a single page checkout)
  • Subdomain should be on the php hosting site (automatic for Merchant Solutions Accounts).

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