Maintain your customer's confidence!

Taking the What's on Sale page even further, this function will allow you to create a what's on sale page that is broken down by sub category. It's not just a list of what's on sale, but a list of what's on sale by department!

You've got visitor traffic, but now you need to get them to purchase. It's all about CONVERSION. Unfortunately there is no magic number as to what percentage of visitors should purchase. For some stores, it can be incredibly small (less than 1%) and others can be as high as 8-10%.

The key is to increase your conversion as much as possible. Better conversion means not only more sales, but your advertising becomes more profitable which lets you expand your marketing efforts

Benefit Snapshot

  • Easy for customers to find deals
  • Increases browsing time
  • Makes it even easier for customers to browse the sale departments

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