Tell a Friend
Maintain your customer's confidence!

Tell A Friend (Send Page to a Friend) makes it easy and convenient for customers to recommend your products. It's a no hassle marketing tool that can help increase targeted traffic to your site. The process provides an intuitive and user friendly way to build an Internet presence.

Allow your shoppers to send your item pages to their friends. There is nothing better than a direct referral!

The eMail A Friend enhancement will place a link on each item page allowing your customer to easily send the page to their "deep-pocketed" friends.

You've definitely seen it before - the “e-mail a friend” button. This feature allows your customers to easily recommend your products to others. It is a great marketing tool and can help increase targeted traffic to your site.

The thinking behind this enhancement is simple. Your customers have friends with similar interests. While any given product may not meet one customer’s needs or taste, it might be perfect for one of their friends.

Features of Send Page to a Friend:

  • The feature is on every product page.
  • Sends exact URLs to customers friends
  • Hosted for FREE on your Yahoo Store
  • Opens in popup window (doesn't take them away from page)

Advantages of Send Page to a Friend:

  • It's true viral marketing and works!

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