Sub Categories in Main Navigation
If it’s easier to find, it’s easier to buy!

This feature will display the sub categories under any main category in a straight line in the left navigation bar. One more way to get the customers to stay on your site and let them know what you have to offer. Frequently times they will find additional items simply because they now know you hold them!

Sub categories navigation shows categories and subcategories and is the main navigation element of your Yahoo! Store.

Our RTML enhancement for Main navigation works dynamically with product database structure, improves user navigation by allowing expandable view of categories and subcategories and it is highly Search Engine Friendly as well.

Features of Expandable Sub Categories Menu:

  • Left navigation seamlessly matches your categories and subcategories

Advantages of Expandable Sub Categories Menu:

  • Displays categories and Expandable Sub Categories Menu subcategories in a professional manner
  • Improves Search Engine Optimization
  • Makes navigation easier and increases sales conversions!

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