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What is Snap Shop and what advantage does it give me?

Snap Shop eliminates excessive clicking on your site. Quite often a shopper will jump back and forth between section and item pages in order to finally arrive at the product they want to purchase. Other times, in-depth product information is not needed to help someone make a buying decision.

Snap Shop is implemented on your sub-section page. It allows your customers to view key product information in a pop-in (rather than popup) window including: order information, product descriptions and multiple image views.

When a customer hovers over the item image on a sub-section page, the snap shop icon (can be customized to match your site) will appear over the image. When clicked on, the Snap Shop pop-in window will appear. Each window that is opened will be cascaded so that you can easily relocate the window anywhere on the page for side by side comparisons. If you have several windows open and want to locate an item easily, simply click on the access list icon on the bottom left side of the window and you'll see the list of all items you have open.

Snap Shop will decrease the amount of clicks your customers need to make to get the correct item into your shopping cart, maximizing the amount of time your customers are shopping instead of waiting for pages to load.

Don't make your customers wait for long page loads.  With the Snap shop button, your clients have all the important buying decision information right at the section page.

Skin Customizations You can also have a custom skin layout applied to your window for an additional fee. The custom skin layout allows you to include icons, textured backgrounds and custom fonts.

  • Increases conversion rates
  • Increases average order value.
  • Increases number of items per order.
  • Decreases number of pages a shopper needs to view to purchase.
  • Time needed to find a product decreases.

    Price :$580.00

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