Shipping Calculator for item page
Product Page Shipping Calculator for Yahoo! Stores

We will renovate how shipping is calculated on your website. We call the Advanced Shipping Manager "bright" because it does more than just take your products' weights and check the shipping rate between point A and point B. It "thinks" along with you and provides real solutions for the unique way you run your business.

Unlike default shipping options, Shipping Manager utilizes modern technology to provide shipping calculation directly from the item page.

This feature will calculate the exact shipping charge for any individual item. Item pages will contain a link that opens a small window and asks customers for their zip code. Shipping rates will be shown for each available and useable shipping method.

No more phone calls asking “How much is shipping?”

Shipping rates will be based on store’s available shipping methods and rates.

Perfect Shipping Rate Calculation

  • Origin zip codes for each individual item. - Great for drop shipping and multiple warehouse
  • Support for single items requiring multiple packages. - Great for if you have a more category or product   selling
  • Support for dimensional weight. - Allows you to set dimensions for each of your products.
  • Set individual items to ship alone. - Additional items will ship in a divide package.
  • Use your company's negotiated discount rate or use frame rates.
  • Automatically adds a new package when weight limit is exceeded and calculates rate accordingly

Smart Enhancements

  • Set free shipping for any individual item.
  • Set which shipping method is to be used for free shipping for each item.
  • Block individual items from being sent via specific shipping methods.
  • Set a flat-rate shipping cost for any individual item.
  • Support for temperature-sensitive items. - System checks both current and forecast temperatures.
Yes, the program supports ON PAGE shipping calculations.

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