Recently Viewed Items
Upgrade your Yahoo store with our Recently Viewed Items

You can provide Breadcrumbs, Side Navigation, Cross Sell items and more, but sometimes your shopper simply wants to go back to an item they "just looked at".

Upgrade your Yahoo store with our Recently Viewed Items tool. This enhancement is a horizontal field on each item page below the caption which contains your shoppers' Recently Viewed Items. Y-developer d this Yahoo Store Editor tool to be search engine friendly and easy to use.

  • Add relevant links to your item pages.
  • Does not duplicate "repeatedly visited" items.
  • Updates live as your shopper browses which reinforces the feeling of being "live" on the site.
  • Fully Automated. No maintenance required on the part of the store owner to keep this feature working.

Recently Viewed Items from Y-developer use cookie technology to keep track of the products your customer views. The products are then displayed at the bottom of the page where customers can easily see and be reminded of products they like. Recently Viewed Items will show the last three products wherever they are in your store, whether on an item page, section page or information page. 

Make shopping a personal knowledge for your customer with Recently Viewed Items. As they continue to shop, remind them of what they liked. You're doing them a favor by making it easy, and they won't forget your store. Personal leads to profitable in web sales.

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