Product Info Table
Why use a Product Information Table?

When it’s time to buy, the easier and more understandable your item page, the more likely customers are to buy from your store.
A custom designed Product Information Table provides product name, item #, options, links to shipping information and product specs--all displayed on an easy-to-follow table.

The Product Information Table by clears up the clutter on your item page. You haven’t brought your customers to the purchase point only to lose them to confusion.

The Product Information Table is a clean look at the entire transaction. Customers can even use it as a spec sheet for comparison between products. believes your item page is crucial since it’s where customers make buying decisions. The Product Information Table makes your item page easy to follow.

Tabs are until the end of time good quality to categorize various information on the page and making the page use less space and make the user scroll less to view the detail. Tabs make navigation within the page easier and helps divide the product information in form of sections. Our expertise with RTML allows you to incorporate anything within Tabs – they can be formatted text, images and Flash.

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