Product Reviews
Product reviews are a great way to promote your products

Take it from most important publications like Consumer Reports - real feedback from actual buyers is an enormously great selling tool.

Y-developer has developed a system to integrate Product Reviews onto your Yahoo Store item pages.

Customer input and reviews are attractive all to common amongst e-commerce websites and are a necessity for e-commerce success. With Product Reviews, your customers can write a review about a particular product online or after making a purchase.

With the online administrative panel, you can manage all of your reviews and approve, deny or delete them based on content or rating.
Customer reviews are obtained two ways: they can be entered via the website, or they will receive an email, after placing an order, to review the products that they purchased.

Shoppers are becoming more accustomed to seeing peer reviews and these reviews are having an impact their purchasing decisions. Don't miss out on this opportunity to capture more customers, with little effort on your part.


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