Multiple Breadcrumbs
Maintain your customer's confidence!

The multi breadcrumbs templates are used to create an alternate navigation scheme on your pages.

The multi breadcrumbs code creates the navigation seen above the item name on the pages in this site which shows
(Home > RTML Template Library > Free Templates),

But unlike the basic breadcrumbs it will create multiple breadcrumbs lines based on however many routes there are to the individual item.

You can see the multi-breadcrumbs in effect at the top of this page.

Also, we provide a way to override the breadcrumbs so you can hide specific paths. If you have an item that shows in several paths you can purposely block those paths.

This override helps make it so even if you only want to show one breadcrumbs trail, you can easily select which trail is shown.

Multiple breadcrumbs provide the same crucial advantage as regular breadcrumbs concerning search engines. They also contain more keyword-rich links to related sections at the top of every page. This makes it easier for search engines and, ultimately, customers to find you.

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