MAP Pricing
Why to use MAP Pricing?

You can propose products at lower prices to your customers without upsetting your suppliers. Some manufacturers will not allow you to promote your products below a certain price. This forces you to charge more than you would like. MAP Pricing feature solves the problem.

  • Gives you capability to propose deeper discounts to customers
  • Conforms to manufacturer Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) regulations
  • Hides price until the product is added to the shopping cart

The Map Pricing feature helps in two ways. The first and most admired way is by not showing the price until the customer adds the product in the shopping cart. At that time they would be able to notice the price and you will not put in danger your relationship with your manufacturer.

Many manufacturer needs to receive an email from the customer. MAP pricing feature cover up that also. The shopper enters an email address and gets a dynamically generated email having a link back to the product page. Through that link, the buyer will be able to see both the low price and purchase price of the product. 

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