Account Registration
Is account registration necessary? And when?

Customers do not like to identify themselves until they actually need to. They need to when he or she has decided take action – for instance to purchase a product. Until then, you do not want to block users from taking action or browsing your website. In general, you will only want to protect the pages that actually requires you to know the user’s identity. Users hate having to register an account to do something simple. Examples of too early sign-in requirements is before letting the user browse your web shop’s products or before the user can get an idea of what they will get after account registration.

What kind of site do you run? Is it really necessary to develop a relationship with your customers (or users) or is the typical behavior of your kind of customers to stay anonymous? In the latter case, you might want to consider not requiring an account registration at all – even when the user is purchasing a product.

Your customers will never be forced to login in order to place an order. The customer simply creates a password and saves their information for future use when returning to your store. Logging in will populate the customers name, shipping, billing and email address. 
We will place a login/setup account link on every page of your store so your customers will always have an opportunity to create an account

Let the user register an account with your website so that your system can remember details about the user and in turn use them to personalize what information you display to your users.

Design flaws when adding account registration and sign-in features include:

  • Hiding the sign-in button (or form)
  • Draw attention to crucial operations such as “Register new account” “Sign-in”, and “I forgot my password”. At least make them look like clickable links
  • Sign-in opportunity not provided on key locations. Users often wait to the last moment to sign in. Key locations are points of action; for instance when the user wants to add a comment to a blog post.
  • To strict requirements for password. The strength of the password you require needs to match the need for protection. A too strict password policy can hinder sign-up.
Practical Data's My Account System for Yahoo! Stores provides customer registration and login capability for your Yahoo store.

Standard Features:
  • Creation of customer accounts and login functionality
  • "Product Favorites" (i.e. "wish list") functionality
  • Auto-Population of address information during checkout
  • Review previous orders from "Order History" screen
  • Re-order products from "Order History" screen
  • Re-order products from "Previously Purchased" screen
  • CSS and Matches the Look & Feel of your Yahoo Store

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