Item Lavel Paging
Maintain your customer's confidence!

This function will allow your customers to browse all the items in a specific category without having to go back to the main category page. It will inform them how many items there are in that category and let them browse each one on an item level basis.

Do have too many items on your section pages, but don't want to have to manually create additional pages? Advance Pagination is the solution.

Our Advance Paging solution is configurable to allow you to choose how many items to place on each page.

When you have more than that number of items on a given page, the additional items automatically move to the next page.The best thing about the Advance Paging solution is that every page the user sees is actually a different HTML page, with a different name and different content. That means you can customize each page to target different keywords for search engines if you want to.

Benefit Snapshot

  • Encourages customers to purchase more
  • Let's customers know other options you have available for them
  • Increases browse time

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