Image Alt Tags
Maintain your customer's confidence!

Add alt tags to all your product images!

Search engines rely on page content to develop their rankings. Having properly set up Alt Tags is a great way to increase page content on your site.

Yahoo! does not consistently place alt tags. Purchase this service to place alt tags on ALL your images, insets and icons. PLUS you get the capability to modify the alt tags for any item or image.

Repeating keywords for search engines is best when done in a variety of ways.
The key to keyword repetition is variety. Y-developer understands that your best results with search engine optimization happens when your keywords are repeated as often as possible in a variety of ways. One area often overlooked is adding an Alt tag to your main product image.

New guidelines for google state that you want to have Alt Tags on all images. The basic Yahoo! Store Alt Tag says “Click To Enlarge”. This does nothing for your SEO. We can program to automatically pick up the name of the item. Plus you can always override these tags as well.

Key Benefits:

  • Beneficial for older Yahoo! Stores.
  • SEO Benefits.
  • Usability benefits for persons with disabilities.

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