Free Shipping Countdown
Maintain your customer's confidence!

We all know that shipping charges are a cause of death in converting sales. Bargain hunter is looking for not only a great deal on a product but they include free shipping costs as part of this good deal. You may be offering free shipping for a certain order size but are you actively marketing this to your customers during the shopping session? 
The Free Shipping Countdown gives you an opportunity to increase your order size by letting your customer see that they have "X" amount of dollars left to spend to receive FREE SHIPPING! You have the ability to set or change the price-point that determines the free shipping offer. 

Key Benefits:

  • Keeps your customers informed after shipment has been made.
  • Simple to integrate into your current pre-ship tasks.
  • Reduces customer inquiries.
  • Three different log-in methods for customers. (Reduces lost order number inquiries.)

    Accurate Shipping Rate Calculation

    • Origin zip codes for each individual item. - Great for dropshipping and multiple warehouses
    • Support for single items requiring multiple packages. - Great for furniture
    • Support for dimensional weight. - Allows you to set dimensions for each of your products.
    • Set individual items to ship alone. - Additional items will ship in a seperate package.
    • Use your company's negotiated discount rate or use rack rates.
    • Automatically adds a new package when weight limit is exceeded and calculates rate accordingly

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