Dynamic Cascading Menu
Expanding Navigation Menu for your Yahoo! store.

The y-developer is at it again. We've conjured up a wonderful new accordion-style Expanding Navigation Menu for your Yahoo! store.
We employ this technology in our very own side navigation so you can test it out live. By far the most popular feature is the capability for the side navigation to...

• Expand and contract sections so only one is open at a time, or leave them all open.
This flexible Yahoo store enhancement can be modified to fit your website. Please let us know how you want it to look and work BEFORE we install it and we'll integrate it into your store. By default the feature functions the way you see it right on our site.

A Dynamic Cascading Menu displays will help your customers find the subsections easier, cut down on clicks and gives your site a sophisticated navigation tool.

Your sub-sections will be displayed in a fly-out menu. The menu will be consistent with the look of your store and makes it much easier for your customers to review sections they may be paying attention in instead of clicking through to see what's included in that section. It's like giving your customers and chance to look around the spot. 

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