Custom Quantity Pricing Layout
Why should include a quantity pricing table?

It helps your customer’s to understand and realize about their savings if they are buying your products in a bulk. The more they realize, the more they will buy from your store. 

Specimen on how Yahoo small business solution displays quantity pricing by default:

$99.99 2/$179.99 3/$259.99

What if your customer wants 4 items?
How much will that cost?
If a customer orders 3, how much is each item?
How much can a customer save by ordering more than one?

By adding custom quantity pricing layout feature to your store, you eliminate all the above questions, which will lead to higher conversions.

Extra efforts will not be needed as automatically displays all your quantity pricing details. One variable will be given to you by which you can turn quantity pricing feature on or off as well as you can assign it to any or all pages whenever needed. So start increasing your sales volume today by increasing the order size with the quantity pricing layout feature. 

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