Custom Option Display
Why do you need Custom Options?

People want to know the running total of what they may be spending. Make it easy for them!
And the options for check boxes, radio buttons and text boxes add a whole new level of customization to your item pages. You can even mix and match on a single item page in order to allow you to use the best choice available.

Radio buttons work great when you want your customer to select one of a specific range of choices but don't require they make a selection at all.

Text boxes are for when you need additional data entry from the customer. It doesn't affect pricing, but just allows you to put extra fields on the form that will show on the item at checkout. enhancement is another way to help your customers. Yahoo! Stores don't give customers the ability to see what they have spent until they go to the cart and see the total. Most people will play it safe and round up, making them think they’re spending more money than they actually are. This feature will automatically add the cost of the item and the features selected on each item page as the customer picks them. If you have up-sells in your options this is a must to increase conversion rates!

Because your customers know exactly what they’re paying each step of the way, they are much less likely to suffer any “buyer’s remorse.” That effect can be significant. When a customer has a good memory of your site, you increase your chances of getting a return visit.

Lets your customers know their order total before getting to the shopping cart

Helps to increase conversion rates

Makes it easier for your customer to spend more money with you

Helps your customers avoid “buyer’s remorse”


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