Custom error pages
Maintain your customer's confidence!

Erasing a page from your site used to be taboo, but now you can kindly let your customers know that you no longer carry the product they clicked on and redirect them to other areas of your site.

You can choose to keep the current setting (redirect to store home page) or create a custom 404 error page to show visitors rather than redirect page not found errors. To use a custom 404 page you will need to

  1. Create the custom 404 page
  2. Customize the page
  3. Set the Page Not Found Error Handling to custom 404 error page.

Each of these steps is outlined below.

For instance, when you permanently move a page, if somebody goes to the old address, you want to make sure your server returns status code 301, Moved Permanently, with the new address for the page. This helps search engines and users find the new page location, and ensures that PageRank transfers over.

When deleting a page, you usually want the user to get a custom error page with your branding and navigation that leads them to useful places on your site. You also want the server to return status code 404, Not Found, so search engines delete the page from their indices.

Key Benefits:

  • Invites customers to continue to browse your site rather than receiving the standard error page.
  • Increases the likelihood of retaining your visitors.

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