Convert Names & Title to text
Maintain your customer's confidence!

This Yahoo! Store Template Enhancement will automatically convert your store links to your main domain name. No more indexing multiple names for the same store page which search engines label as duplicate content. Change to for every link automatically! By default, Yahoo! Store displays the page titles as graphics.

This feature changes the titles from a graphic to text, which will enable the search engines read your site better. This in turn will help in your websites ranking in the search engines.

If you choose to optimize the text titles, the search engines will recognize those page titles and they will have even more relevancy.

will ensure that search engines pick up links from your domain name by modifying your Yahoo Store template codes and converting them. This process ehances SEO value and eliminates the use of temporary domain names.

Benefits of this RTML Upgrade
  • Creates consistency throughout your Yahoo Store
  • Improves SEO

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