Click to Enlarge
Why include the click to enlarge feature?

Click to enlarge gives the customer a better look at your products, while keeping the customer on the item page. 
Customers interested in purchasing your products will surely want to get a good look at what they are purchasing before they check out. For this reason has built this functionality into your store's standard features. 

The Yahoo! Store default when clicking to enlarge an image is to open it on a new page. This will open the image as a pop-up and avoid the extra step of going BACK

But when a customer clicks on the default Yahoo! Store image, they are taken to a new page displaying the full size image that you have uploaded into your editor. 
One small caveot is that on the Yahoo! Store setup there is nothing to advise customers that they have this ability. They must assume or find it by chance. Further, while going to this new page may help your customer to make an informed purchase, leaving the item page could allow your customer to lose interest or to get sidetracked. 

Our custom RTML coding by which you have an “enlarge image” link, clicking on which opens a Pop up window with the larger product image. This assists the visitors a lot since they are not departure the product page when they want to see the product more closely. The one provided by Yahoo by default does not open the image this way and causes the visitors to leave the product details page – which may inversely have an effect on their buying experience.

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