Custom Checkout manager
Customize your Yahoo Checkout Manager

Yahoo!'s Checkout Manager allows you to customize your Shopping Cart and checkout pages. You can add a header, a footer and side navigation similar to what you have in your store. Unfortunately, since the Checkout Manager uses a newer HTML specification than the V2 store pages, you cannot simply cut and paste HTML from your store and place it in your Checkout Manager. It needs to be significantly reworked first. Also, if you include your side navigation, you need to recreate these updates in the Catalog Manager each time. will update your cart and other checkout pages in the Checkout Manager to look like your store pages. We will make all of the necessary adjustments to your header, side navigation and footer HTML code so that it looks and works correctly in the checkout page.

Customize your Yahoo Checkout Manager checkout and shopping cart will implement your site design onto your checkout and cart pages. As you may know, Yahoo's Checkout Manager is not RTML based and doesn't automatically carry your store design into it.
There are many customization opportunities with Checkout Manager and if you have a very custom design or would like more complex features as part of your cart implementation, we will be happy to provide a quote.

  • Strengthen your company brand by having a consistent design on your checkout pages.
  • Put your shoppers at ease by carrying your site design forward onto your cart and Yahoo checkout pages.
  • Having a custom design will improve (reduce) cart abandonment issues.

    Features of Customized Checkout Manager Design:

    • Improves professional appearance of your checkout manager
    • Yahoo 128 bit Encryption Seal
    • Credit Cart Images
    • Add UPS, FEDEX, USPS etc. logos
    • PayPal set-up

    Advantages of Customized Checkout Manager Design:

    • Improves sale conversions
    • Better usability and navigation equals more sales

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