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Your homepage is often the first impression a customer will have of your store. It represents the products you sell and the service a customer can expect to receive. The theme and layout of your homepage should reflect your products in a positive tone. If you're selling gift baskets it doesn't make much sense for your site to look futuristic. Conversely, an electronics store shouldn't lack an element of "high-tech" appeal.

Some stores want to look elegent, others should be more playful. Our designers specialize in e-commerce and understand how to make an emotional connection for your products.

Branding is another key element that your homepage should represent. There was a time when red and gold were simply colors but everyone knows what it means to see the golden arches while driving down the road. The same principle should be applied to your homepage. The colors should create a branding theme that your customers will come to know and expect. We will help you build your brand identity or if you already have a strong brand in place, our designers can maintain this theme but update it to reflect the improved store layout you'll get from

Easy navigation is essential to a successful e-commerce site. Your store information such as product sections, sale items, shipping methods etc., should be easy to locate on your store. Our designers focus on best practices for the layout of an online store and will design the header, left navigation, footer and outer-background to effectively draw your customers focus to key information on your site. Next, we'll design the layout for the body of your homepage. This can include multiple areas for product graphics, text and a promotional graphic in the homepage body description.

It's easy to overthink or underthink the importance of your homepage. You'll be in good hands as our consultants and designers create a strong custom homepage design that will continue to represent the great products and service you offer as your business continues to grow!!

Technical Note: Logo design and custom programmed features are not included unless otherwise noted. Mouse-over for left navigation, mailing-list signup, top navigation for general store links (not dynamically generated), search box, background around outside of the site, footer with copyright information last update timestamp and general store links, secure shopping graphic will be in the shell description. HTML fields can be provided at your request.

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