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Maintain your customer's confidence!

One great way for people to remember your site is for them to bookmark specific pages within your store. By making the process of book marking the page that much easier the more likely they are to do it. Installing this template allows people to click where it says "Bookmark This Page Now!" and it will add that page to their list of favorite sites. (See the sample at the bottom of this page)

The template also automatically names the bookmark with the title of your store and the name of the page. For example, the bookmark of a Widgets page at Widgets Store would show up as "Widgets Store - This Widget Is A Great Deal" or whatever you have the name of the page set as.

*This bookmark function supports IE, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera browsers.

Our Bookmark Us JavaScript takes advantage of all browsers. It adds a site to the user's
bookmarks when a link is clicked. This option is available for all Yahoo and non-Yahoo Stores.
This will increase the number of customer back to your site. Also provides the customer easier way to remember
your site.

We provide Bookmark function in 2 types.

  • Bookmark Website
  • Bookmark Particular page

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